Candidate Agreement

GDPR, the new data protection regulations are introduced on 25th May 2018, it means that you must give us a positive indication about the information we hold on you and how we use it.  

We only hold your data for the purposes that you have allowed us to use it for, that is recruitment services. We do not ever pass your data to anybody else or sell your data and we keep it within a GDPR compliant system for the sole use of Andy Norman Associates Ltd. We also do not collect any data in addition to what is needed to help us in recruitment services.

We will only use the data or contact you for employment/recruitment for you and we will ask you about how you want to be contacted. We are very careful about who is sent your CV or details. We will always ask you again directly each time before we pass your details to a potential employer. This way no other person outside of our company will get information about you unless you have told us first it’s ok.

If you have applied to us for a job through a third party (such as, etc.) and allowed them to pass your details on to us or you have allowed them to store your data in a ‘library’ you have given your permission to them in the first instance, but when we receive it from them as you have allowed, we will always also ask you again before sending your details on to a potential employer.

We cleansed all of our data in December 2017 and it was compliant to GDPR from then so we have a positive permission for all candidates and client information from that date. We may of course continue to ask anybody to update that information from time to time in order to ensure we are up to date.

It’s your data and we will only hold and use it whilst you allow us to do so, you can ask us to remove your data or ask anything about it or how we use it at any time now or in the future by contacting Andy Norman on or 07590 487885.